Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Circus is Coming to Town... 2 weeks and counting

Ms. "Ring Master Sass" is gearing up for opening day, poppets! Crossing my fingers for the reunion of the preschool teaching team equivalent of Magic and Bird, busting out my duct tape (no.. it isn't really for taping kids to chairs), scouring tag sales for things we can play with that are too big to cram up your nose, squirreling away toilet paper rolls, stocking up on tequila and trying to figure out what the fuck to tell my doctor in order to score myself a 'scrip for Xanax.

2 weeks and counting until I go back to muck out the classroom and to sit through "I-Wish-I-Had-A-Spoon-To-Scoop-My-Brain-Out-Through-My-Eye-Hole" required trainings. Despite the fact that my time with my littlest, very lastest baby (!!) and my husband will be cut down severely and that by December 1st I'll be ready to start culturing Strep throat and 24-Hour Flu lollipops, I am actually excited to go back.

I write about the grumbly stuff like bratty kids and crazy families, because it's funny but that's really just a small part of the day. The truth is that at preschool, something amazing happens everyday. It's usually nothing that I planned to happen, which is why I'm all done with that crap. No more lesson plans - the kids create the day in my classroom. Sometimes that means we all figure out how to make a ramp that makes the cars go the farthest in block area, or we all rip up paper to make beds for the dinosaurs because someone was worried they were cold. (This actually happened last year and even though I showed them pictures and described how blazing hot it was on Earth during the time of the dinosaurs, I met with blank stares before they asked: "What kind of stuff do you have to make blankets with?") Sometimes it means all we use all day is different kinds of tape and we tape the shit out of anything that doesn't run away from us. (THAT was an excellent day... 12 preschoolers can use 4 rolls of masking tape and 2  1/2 rolls of colored duct tape in 4 hours - FYI.)
Sometimes it means we find out from the first-hand experience of a classmate that Elmer's glue is not, in fact, a good substitute for hair gel... on Picture Day.

Whatever it will mean this year, I'm ready...  Almost! If any of my local readers have yogurt containers that look like the ones I hope to post a picture of below, please let me know and I'll find a way to collect them.
We're going to make some kick ass drums be-dazzled with duct tape...