Monday, August 30, 2010

If You Always Thought Your Mom Liked Your Sibling Best, You May Be Right

The Tornado - formerly known here at The Circus as The Six Year Old, turned seven today.
Here's why it's hard NOT to have a slight inclination to play favorites at my house:

After dinner and just before cake, the Viking gets a hair across his ass about something and begins to throw a fit and then, because he has yet to really grasp who he's dealing with, throws a sippy cup at me. Time Out, cherub. You suck, you lose. My inner Soup Nazi, barks "NO CAKE FOR YOU!" in my head.
There are candles and we sing... and the Tornado wishes the Viking out of Time Out, so "he can share my cake..."  I KNOW... I know. Line up your daughters, now folks.

Five minutes later the Viking is sitting in my lap shoveling frosting and crumbs into his cake-hole. I'm over the sippy cup incident so I playfully ask, "Who's a mess?"
My child turned around, looked at me and then smeared a gooey hand across my chest and gleefully giggled, "You!"
You can clearly understand why there might be a preference here, right?


  1. Oh man that made me laugh....That is adorable, I also have a 7 yr old, girl, but seven none the less.

  2. Okay...that was funny. I imagine it was a total Kodak-moment. Really quick thinking on the Viking's part. You may need to educate him on who he is dealing with though. The life lessons involved in figuring it out on his own could get messy. (no pun intended).