Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Award?!? Moi???

Tina at The Floundering SAHM passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me! I never get any kind of award! This is fantastically exciting... and I appreciate the confidence, Tina. Thank you!  My hats are already getting too small...

The rules are:
Thank the person who gave you the award.

List 7 things about yourself.

Pass on the award to bloggers you've recently discovered.
Seven Things About Me:
  1. I get choked up at school assemblies... What?! Shut up...
  2. I love naps, but I wish I loved exercise, instead.
  3. I drink one cup of coffee a day: Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters Toasted Coconut Cream
  4. When I was in second grade my brother chipped my front tooth with a hairbrush
  5. I love the smell of my children's sweaty toes
  6. I love to get a pedicure
  7. Blogging is my new guilty pleasure
I would love to nominate some people for this award, but fifteen (according to official rules) is more than I could scrape up. I've only just lost my blog cherry a few weeks ago, you see. So I am officially awarding the following brilliant bloggers:

 Have fun with this ladies!
flipflopmama a.k.a. The SassMaster

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