Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle but No Snotbots* to Wrangle for 2 more weeks...

But first... I just have to share this:

The Tornado has been waiting for two years to get on a soccer team and has begged me since his birthday party on Saturday to try on his shin guards...

I came out back tonight just in time to see him hand the Viking (who was grinning from ear to ear) a stick to whack his pads with. Tomorrow, he's going to be totally pissed and utterly bewildered when he gets nailed in the leg and doesn't remember inviting this abuse. I know one thing, for sure... The Viking won't forget. But, I'll be at work and THAT will be Daddy's problem.

Day 2 back at work today and although I left the house for a training yesterday with two different shoes on, and I may have permanently damaged my hearing by unplugging the carbon monoxide detector while underneath the METAL desk, I think my back-to-work transition is going to be as smooth as silk.

By 11:00 each morning during the summer the Viking has yelling at me for things like putting the wrong spread on his bagel or not putting the right color top on the sippy cup - a difficult task to manage with a little booger who doesn't identify colors correctly... Can't you just see me? Unshowered, my face looks like a punching bag because I was up until 3 watching bad reality t.v. and posting all kinds of nonsense on the Internet - "This IS the yellow one!!!! See?!? YEL-LOW!"

Today, when I got home there was yelling too - "MAMAAAAA!" and jiggly cheeks as the Viking ran to greet me at the door. I didn't even mind fielding the Tornado's incessant "Can we go somewhere?" question because I hadn't already had to answer it 394 times prior. Home is great, but work is good too.
The snotbots arrive for their first day in 14 more calendar days - let's see what hijinx and havoc ensue...
 *The term "Snotbots" has been pilfered for my own use from my smart and funny friend and colleague. She not only has a great vocabulary, but she also brings me fancy duct tape. I like her.


  1. You had me at "jiggly cheeks" !

  2. May I pilfer "Snotbots" for use with my own children?? LOL!

  3. It's up for grabs, but you may need to make an offering of fancy duct tape, lol